Three keys to thriving in a world of job change

Last week Microsoft announced that it is reducing its workforce by 14%—or 18,000—jobs. This was not a surprise. The company had telegraphed its intentions and analysts seem pleased. Most of the pain (this time) is at what was once Nokia. So the company has still not addressed its core problems and more restructuring can be […]

Say goodbye to the 140 character limit

And that’s not even the best part. From the first time we demoed Nugg, we talked about how we limited updates and comments to 140 characters (Tweet length) to help keep updates brief. Yeah, that might have been a little over zealous. So we listened to all of you, and starting now, updates and comments […]

Really Listening To Customers Takes An Extra Something

It’s not technology, tools, or surveys—it’s humility I think a lot about Nugg’s users. A lot. Sure, it’s my job, but still I spent serious time every day looking at what seems to be working—and what isn’t. Heck I even listen to what you aren’t saying—What You Should Hear When You Listen To Silent Customers—to […]

The Many Hats of a Startup Marketer

Come Hell or high water my job is to get it done Funny thing about doing marketing in a startup. Beyond the distinct lack of enough hours in the day or always having lots of crazy ideas to try, marketing at a startup is all about having several intersecting and overlapping jobs to do at […]

What have you decided this week?

Do you know or only think you know? A month ago we introduced tracking decisions with Nugg. And we think one of the key ways Nugg helps you and your team perform better is by helping you record and track decisions. At Nugg we review our decisions at our weekly meeting, and you wouldn’t believe […]

Transplanting—Ways to share ideas within and across teams

Lulan Artisans is a wonderfully creative company with many lessons to teach us about how to organize teams to share best practices and build new capabilities. Lulan works with dyers and weavers in South East Asia (primarily Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) to create textiles that can be sold in world markets. It has a very collaborative […]

5 Ways Teams Are Like Gardens

What I learned while tending my plants this weekend There’s one thing I really miss about being in Vancouver—having a garden. When I lived on the Southern Gulf Islands I had a huge garden. I miss puttering around, weeding, tending—and thinking. Over the weekend I was caring for my small collection of houseplants and I […]

Are You Allied With Your Team?

Building a strong team means accepting that it will eventually end Trust is critical to the success of a team, department, or organization. We know this. We hear it over and over again. I wonder though if we miss out on success because we don’t accept the full and complete truth about teams and work—they […]

What if we just worked less?

Do we need a 40-hour work week or do we just need to get stuff done? Larry Page and Sergey Brin sat down with Vinod Khosla recently and the Google founders proposed something maybe a little crazier than a self-driving car—getting rid of the 40-hour work week (Google Founders Talk About Ending the 40-Hour Work […]

Understanding Email in Context and the Context of Email

Email: Complex, messy, and essential You know as much as I rail against email, I actually couldn’t live without it. I get some of the most important information for my day (work and non-work) via email. I collaborate with people via email. I connect with people over email. I converse with people over email. And […]