How mature are the team-building practices at your organization?

Team Maturity Model from the Brandon Hall Group Most of us want to see our teams and organizations grow and mature. And many of us we appreciate being shown ways to improve our processes. Over the years this has led to a wealth of different maturity models and today there is a bewildering variety of […]

Adapting the Rules to the Playing Field

Inventing and playing “infinite soccer” Inspired by the World Cup, we have been playing a short game of soccer after our end-of-the-week meeting. Nothing fancy. No cleats. Fluid teams. No set pieces. In fact, we’ve even made some interesting rule changes to the game…more on that in a moment. Instead of playing a formal game […]

Where Do You Start Building Your Team?

I’m not talking about geographically where per se, but when you sit down and think “Okay I need some people to get this thing done…” what requirements for your team come first in your mind? Then the more I thought about this question myself I began to wonder about the order of those requirements. I […]

Brandon Hall Group’s High Performance Team Framework and Today’s Teams

Back in September 2013 the Brandon Hall Group, in work led by COO Rachel Cooke, published a High Performance Team Framework and a Team Maturity Model. The framework sets out the foundations on which high-performance teams are built while the maturity model sets out the path organizations can take to implementing the framework. This is […]

Why didn’t they see that feature?

If users don’t know about it, they won’t use it This summer a strategy class at the University of British Columbia (UBC) used Nugg to share discussions about strategy and to manage project teams. The instructor tied using Nugg class participation, so there was a lot of use. We got some feedback from the class […]

Teams: Essential Disruptors or Headed for Extinction

It all comes down to what you think a team is and what it does At Nugg we have teams on the brain. We have evidence that (a) teams are the essential element to work and (b) the nature of teams is in a massive state of flux. I came across this post by Nick […]

Now Let’s Understand How Teams Come Together

Continuing our studies of teams We knew from the moment that we finished our survey on how teams do—and don’t—work that we were looking at only part of the picture. What did we leave out? How teams come together in the first place. So you need a team… The focus of our new survey—Building Better […]

Attach Any File to Your Nugg Updates!

And Nugg is 4x faster to boot! Welcome to August and a “little” update to Nugg! This might not be a “huge” update in terms of the number of features, but the new things we added will make Nugg more useful and easier to use. Upload any file you want! First….You can now upload any file up […]

I bet your team isn’t unwinding enough

And I want you to prove me wrong Ah summer (here in the Northern Hemisphere at least). Longer days. Warm nights. A great time to get together with friends and family to relax, recharge, and unwind. Last night, in fact, Nugg had a family barbecue to give the team a chance to kick back together. But […]