Matching Team Roles to Team Challenges


At its recent partner conference Jive introduced WorkTypes™, which it describes as a new methodology aimed at helping people understand how best to work together. They suggest there are eight of these WorkTypes and created a tool to learn your own WorkTypes (mine were Explorer and Planner when I retook the test, the first time […]

3 Essential Foundations to Create Good Team Culture


“Our values only matter if they are used to make decisions and if they shine in our products and services.” – Nugg Team When I think of team culture, I think of the book The HP Way ( a great book I recommend people read). As a HP alumna, I remember when I joined HP, […]

Hybrid Teams, Mixed Teams, and Crossing Boundaries


Google ‘hybrid teams’ and you may be surprised by the results. The most common use of the phrase, at least on the Internet, is by fans of Electronic Arts’ FIFA soccer video game, where players can build teams comprised of the best players from around the world (of course soccer is also known as Association […]

How do you handle project hand off?


Does your SOW really say it all? It’s pretty rare today that projects are run start to finish by the same people. Even if you’re a small shop, sometimes one person starts the discussion, another closes the sale, and others are on point to complete the work. How do you manage the transitions? Is all […]

Teams need fluid leadership


Q: How do you know if you are really on a team, and not just part of a group of individuals? A: When leadership can change depending on the needs. One of the important insights that Katzenbach and Smith shared when they updated their classic book The Wisdom of Teams was that high-performance teams are […]

Those decisions we don’t make…that come back to haunt us


Making a decision and following it up is the easy part. But it is not always the decisions we make that cause the most trouble, it is the decisions we don’t make that often come back to bite us. Since I was a management consultant for many years, I’m good a constructing 2×2 matrices (I […]

Nugg adds search and more filters


It’s great when you can tell folks, “Hey that thing you’ve been asking for? Yeah, it’s in the app now…” You can see where this is going. New search tool, filters for attachments and images, and team management tools now in Nugg This week we’ve rolled out another update to Nugg and this one has […]

Don’t just hire smart, hire smart people


In today’s competitive work economy there is a lot to be said for having a smart hiring process. Making sure you find the right people efficiently and move them through the hiring process as smoothly as possible is an essential first step to building a great team. There’s another side of this too, it’s not […]

Team Decisions and Leadership

decisions 001

If one person makes all the decisions or if each person makes decisions independent of the others, is your team truly “a team”? In their classic work The Wisdom of Teams, Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith claim that “teams” and “groups” are different and that teams are critical to high performance. They identify some clear […]

Come Conspire With Me On My Team


I’m reading Peter Thiel’s Zero to One right now and this quote from the book stuck out for me: “At PayPal, if you were excited by the idea of creating a new digital currency to replace the U.S. dollar, we wanted to talk you; if not, you weren’t the right fit” -Peter Thiel It comes […]