Following decisions


We make decisions everyday. Lots of decisions. Sometimes it seems like too many decisions! And as a result, the decisions that matter, the decisions that will change things, often get lost in the noise. Decided and done, right? Does it matter if the decision gets lost? After all, the decision is made, move on, nothing […]

Team Success Triad: Three Traits Essential for All Teams


The building blocks of successful teams rest on three key behaviors Does this sound like our recent 5 Essential Traits of a Team Leader post? Well, it should. While that post focused on the leadership traits are critical to team success (which trickle down to the team as well), in reality successful leaders and successful […]

Use Customer “Intel” to Design Performance Reviews That Work


A recent LinkedIn article by senior executive Joan Catherine Braun—Lemonade, Not Lemons: Performance Reviews—provides a refreshing perspective on performance reviews. Having been the guilty party responsible for implementing performance reviews systems and processes across many organizations of different shapes and sizes, I can relate to the leadership comments quoted in her article. They are ones […]

Essential Tools for Connecting Remote Teams


It’s the suite of tools that makes the difference for your team Chances are that today some, or all, of your team is remote. By “remote” I mean, people don’t all sit together in the same location—even if they are in the same city—and a “team” comprises people you rely on to get things done. […]

5 Essential Traits of a Team Leader


Five traits that can make or break a team from the start Based on the insights of John Rankin. Doesn’t matter if you’re the new manager of an existing team, pulling a new team together, or trying to revitalize your team after a rough patch, if you’re the leader of a team there are some […]

Start with a solution, not blame


Try and solve a problem and not set blame In my career, I’ve had a few amazing managers/co-workers. Among them, Brad was amazing at setting a positive tone. When something went wrong, while my initial reaction would be to ask “Why did things go wrong?”, Brad’s first question would be, “What’s happening now and what […]

Nugg Use Case: Mastermind Group


Small team of people helping each other achieve their goals I was recently invited to join a mastermind group by a friend of mine who I’ve known since my earliest days of professional and business blogging (that would be about 10 years). If you’re not familiar with the idea it’s based on the works of […]

How mature are the team-building practices at your organization?


Team Maturity Model from the Brandon Hall Group Most of us want to see our teams and organizations grow and mature. And many of us we appreciate being shown ways to improve our processes. Over the years this has led to a wealth of different maturity models and today there is a bewildering variety of […]

Adapting the Rules to the Playing Field

infinite soccer team

Inventing and playing “infinite soccer” Inspired by the World Cup, we have been playing a short game of soccer after our end-of-the-week meeting. Nothing fancy. No cleats. Fluid teams. No set pieces. In fact, we’ve even made some interesting rule changes to the game…more on that in a moment. Instead of playing a formal game […]